emma davis

emma davis is a visual artist and film maker. Her work is part of Sweet’Art’s Art Hunt, The Derwent Art Prize, the Painter Stainers’ Painters’ Sale, and the RA 2020 Summer Winter Exhibition.

Recent works trace the evolving nature of emma’s relationship with the outside world. Lockdown has seen these drawings morph from 5-minute sketches of her domestic environment into daily, walking drawings.

“The pencils dance or move on the page as I walk along. They drop onto the page during zoom calls. “

Lucie Gutfreund

Lucie is a collage and mixed media artist whose works are both extremely intuitive and deeply personal. Text, often run together in an almost illegible stream of conscious chain, is paired with images of the Eastern European housing blocks of her childhood; sparing touches of colour and fragments of lace contrast the block’s cold uniformity.

A passionate activist, Lucie has also begun creating sound works inspired by her campaigns.

Emma Liebeskind

Emma’s art work veers towards sustainability. Under strict lockdown, she moved her practice away from the two dimensional and into sculptural forms, using discarded packaging and ready-made objects to reflect on containment & freedom of movement.

Karen McBride

Karen is a London based artist. Her recent work observes relationships between the body and objects associated with the body; questioning their representations, considering the spaces they occupy and examining their influence on our identities.

Jenny Porter-Szeto

Jenny’s pieces frequently involve repurposing and reassembling found objects alongside new materials and techniques. Some of her assemblages become sculptures while others are temporary arrangements – photographed before being dismantled for further reuse.

Dharmender Pratap Singh

Dharmender works with watercolour, oil and acrylic with occasional forays into photography and film. His work explores violence depicted within images disseminated through online news. Underpinning his works are explorations of human senses of responsibility, accountability and indifference.

Based in London, he runs an Engineering Services company alongside his art practice.

Nicola Scott

Through printmaking and mixed media, Nicola explores points at which humans and other elements of nature interact in a suburban garden.  Her current work includes an extended project creating printing plates in collaboration with nature.

After a career in information management/education, Nicola completed an art foundation in 2018 and went on to study advanced courses in printmaking and drawing.

Felicity Swan

Felicity draws and paints, working intuitively into swathes of colour and resisting the pressure of painting to become a picture until there is clarity.   She seeks to create primordial narratives from the abstract, as characters evolve and morph.   

Originally from New Zealand, Felicity studied sculpture at Central St Martins (UAL), and lives in London.

Sabes Sugunasabesan

Sabes’ main media is photography; he also uses text, video and installations. Central to his work is exploring the interface between land and mind. He says, “we interact with land in different ways. These interactions shape us and change the land; in profound ways or momentarily”.

Born in Malaysia and raised in Sri Lanka, Sabes has been settled in England over four decades. His diasporic experience and places influence his work.

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